AR Cloud

The Blue Vision AR Cloud SDK allows developers to create city-scale shared AR experiences in which users can see the same digital content and interact with each other in augmented reality.

The Augmented Reality Cloud

The Blue Vision AR Cloud SDK enables building city-scale collaborative AR experiences in the areas covered by our 3D AR Maps. Current AR engines like Apple ARKit or Android ARCore limit developers to building small scale and single-user smartphone experiences that do not persist over time. Our AR Cloud, on the other hand, enables collaborative experiences to be shared between multiple users. With AR Cloud, AR content created by one person remains in the world exactly where they placed it, even after they turn off their device. This allows multiple users to see and interact with the same AR content regardless of which phone or platform they use.

The Blue Vision AR Cloud works by combining the global position of the camera with the position of the stored AR content. The phone shows the physical world as seen by the camera, AR content is then rendered as an overlay, creating the illusion of digital objects being present in the physical world. The Blue Vision AR Cloud provides a scalable and precise platform for creating immersive and seamless AR experiences.


Our 3D AR Map is currently available in San Francisco, New York, and London and expanding to other cities soon. Sign-up for the developer account to be notified when the map becomes available in your area.

Global Visual Positioning

Global Visual Positioning is an integral part of the Blue Vision AR Cloud. By determining the exact position and rotation of the camera, we can render AR content based on what the phone sees. Our SDK communicates with our 3D Cloud Map of the city and compares the visual information from the camera with our map. The use of computer vision instead of traditional GPS means we can achieve centimetre accuracy necessary for immersive Augmented Reality Experiences. Moreover, as all phones are using the same map the resulting experience leads to all users seeing the same AR content at the same position.

AR Content And Cloud Anchors

To store the AR content persistently in the physical environment for others to see it needs to be attached to the AR Cloud Anchor. The AR Cloud Anchor represents a fixed position in physical space which persists over time and can be accessed by different users. Using our SDK both users and developers can easily create anchors to place shared AR content for others to see. Our SDKs will take care of fusing the position of the device and the positions of the anchors into a single 3D scene that can be manipulated using SceneKit on iOS or Unity on Android.

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